Tuesday, June 22, 2010

happy father's day?

Thanks to the amazingly mild and wet spring around here, the lilacs lasted almost an entire month. There has also been a bumper crop of cotton in these parts. By these parts I mean my yard. And it's my fault, because it's MY tree that's the main offender! It looks like it's a blizzard every time I glance outside the window. There's more white out there than at Christmas. My kids have been making snowballs out of the stuff. Some genius kids around the corner decided to test the flamability of cotton. Answer: yes it is! And they got to meet the folks on fire engine #4 up close and personal as an added bonus.

Here's another reason it looks like Christmas around here:

Happy Father's Day, Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, and expect to see us in your neck of the woods sometime soon!