Saturday, November 19, 2011

happy halloween, or WE'RE BACK!

Thanks to Julie for the little kick I needed to get back in action.  Here are some pictures - A LOT - from Halloween.  We had a ton of fun this year.

The week before Halloween we went to my first corn maze, with Uncle Tom, Aunt Margaret and our cousins!  We found one of the 2 bridges, shared a funnel cake, and had dinner at Chili's around 10 pm.  Here's how much Katie and Alex enjoyed dinner:

The following Wednesday we woke up to this:

Luckily we live in CO, and it all melted in time for Halloween. Alex is completely enamoured with bats these days.  He cannot get enough.  Oma did a great job on his costume.

Max decided to be a skeleton, sans the scary mask.

Katie was 'Princess Aurora's mother' for Halloween, 'because queen rhymes with Halloween.'  I need to get a good picture of her in her dress.  This shouldn't be too hard since she likes to hang out in her finery.

On Friday we had a Halloween party at Aunt Mag's house. SUCH a fun time!  Eyeball cake, haunted gingerbread house, party favors, and a pinata.  Besides hanging out with cousins.  Impossible to beat!

 Max might have had a little too much fun destroying the gingerbread house.

Everyone like swinging at the pinata.  Kalle and his friend Billy survived the evening unscathed.

We went trick-or-treating at the 'trunk or treat,' and also for REAL!  So much candy, but so much fun. The weather was perfect for Halloween, and then it snowed again the next day.  Next year, we're going to hit the BOO at the Zoo, just to have one more costume-wearing opportunity.