Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Katie is 6!

This crazy kid is 6 already!  Well, now she's been 6 for a whole month and a half.  This was going to be the year of just having a family party, but somehow we ended up having a 'princess tea party' with just a 'few' friends. It only takes a few 6 year olds to turn any small gathering into banana land.

We had cookies and snacks and made bracelets.  A good time was had by all, and I survived.

After the kid party we had a big kid party with Aunt Mag and Opa. Katie loves the latest addition to her princess dress collection courtesy of Oma.  It's amazing how a fancy dress can turn any outing into something special.

Katie's current favorite cereal is 'Fruity Pebbles.'  I don't know how that happened!
Her favorite vegetable is still broccoli. She will at least try almost everything placed in front of her - I'm hoping she rubs off on her younger housemates.
Her favorite season is summer, because 'we don't have to freeze our heads off.'
Katie's favorite time of the day is the evening, 'because then I get to hang out with my family.'
She is still enamored of princesses, and loves to sing all the time - she's singing with a children's choir this year - mainly because someone else does all the driving - and LOVES it.
She loves doing craft projects, and asks daily about the progress on 'her craft room.'
Her current heroes are her parents - here's hoping we continue to live up to that expectation!
Her favorite books are 'Put Me in the Zoo' - thank you Aunt Pam - and her green book of Beginner's Books, favorite being 'Would you Rather Be a Bullfrog? - thanks Aunt Julie.
She loves to make up stories with all her little figurines - her brothers provide moving van services when they need to move houses.
Her career goal currently is 'kindergarten teacher at Twin Peaks.'
Katie is so loving and so very loved.  Alex has a hard time being separated from her, and for half a year talked Katie into sleeping on the floor in the boys' room so she would be near him. When she slept over one night at Oma's house for her 'make up birthday' (Oma had the nerve to go visit her children back East in February), Alex couldn't believe she was going to be gone for SO LONG. We have since negotiated that down to one night a week (Tuesdays if you're wondering).
Katie is such a happy, genuinely nice girl.  We love her to pieces!

Katie's self portrait in beans.

While not birthday related, this picture just had to be included. I cannot stand how cute this guys is!