Friday, November 13, 2009

happy halloween!

I finally got the pictures off of our old camera - it was on the fritz for a while and then finally gave up the ghost. These pictures are a little grainy, but here is the chronicle of some of our Halloween adventures. I don't have any pictures of cute little Summer because our camera died for good just after Katie's Halloween party at preschool - hours before Summer's arrival. Mag will just have to post some photos of all the cousins. Alex still can't stop kissing that cute little baby!

I love the difference between Katie's and Alex's cookie decorating technique. Alex would decorate a cookie by dumping on the sprinkles and then chow it down. Katie was very methodical and concentrated very hard on getting the sprinkles exactly where she wanted them. Again, Roger has no doubt who she is related to!

Katie had a little Halloween party at school - well, officially a 'holiday' party that the kids just happened to get to dress up for and walk around the building 'trick or treating.' The boys got to come too. It was cute watching purple Cinderella and her heavy equipment operator - backhoe loader driver to be specific - walk arm in arm around the school.
Here are our two little lobsters. Katie was 8 months when she wore the costume; Max 13 months.

And one finally shot of purple Cinderella. Thanks Oma for making the dress, and to Amy/Aunt Nancy for the gloves and tiara - yes, we know that the REAL Cinderella should be wearing blue and only have the headband, but you try getting that tiara off of Katie's head! Alex wears his construction vest at least part of every day, and Cinderella graces our presence as often as she can. Even Max didn't try to pull the hat off of his costume. I'd say those are good indicators of successful costume choices!


Katie and Alex like to sleep together these days - heads at opposite ends of the bed, feet meeting in the middle. This usually works out, but naturally there are exceptions. Last night I still heard noises coming from their room at 10 pm, so I poked my head in. This is what I found:

(photo re-enactment)

Katie was behind the door showing Alex her dress-up clothes, Max was jumping in his crib, and Alex was 'ready for work.' When he saw me he said: 'Hey mommy! Is it good morning time?' Not even close, buddy, but still adorable.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

happy birthday tom!

Today's birthday fest - a day late - is brought to you by Katie. She made Uncle Tom a skeleton - scissors are her new favorite thing. The head initially had a face of two star eyes, a heart nose, and a rainbow mouth. I left the kitchen to go change Max, and when I got back the stickers had multiplied. My favorites are the 'band aids' on the legs and arm - we've had a lot of boo boos lately. Best of all, she wrote her name just for you Tommy.

Here's a basket full of the kids that sang to you this morning.

These are just some cute boys.

This is one of my favorites. Katie loves to take self portraits - I don't know why she has to go cross-eyed, but so far she does it in every one she takes.