Wednesday, March 31, 2010

welcome spring adventures

Here are some of our attempts to celebrate 'springtime' in CO:

teaching little brothers proper bed-jumping technique;

loading everybody into Jethro for the 1/2 block trip to Good Times (there is one car seat in there);

sledding at Scott Carpenter Park (the ROCKET park) in Boulder; (it was a spontaneous adventure, so the picture is a reenactment of how we went down the hill - all three kids were piled on my lap on top of a tiny green saucer, and they are sporting the same footwear they did on the hill.)

checking out the chicks at Murdoch's - hopefully next year we'll score a permit and get to have our own chicken coop!

and nursing Alex through our first case of the flu this year - so glad I went with apple juice instead of grape for him this morning! The patient is smiling because he's been watching Mighty Machines all morning long.

oma - mommy - daughter date

March 10 Katie went to her first Broadway show. I thought Mary Poppins would be fun, since she already knows the story and many of the songs. This night was a special 'Kids' Night on Broadway' - Katie won the poster for answering a trivia question correctly (What kind of animal is on Mary Poppin's umbrella? - a real tough one!), she got to make a kite, and she won a lollipop by choosing a spoon from a bowl of sugar. Her wiggles were not appreciated by everyone around us, but I think she did great!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Self portrait of the artist as Sleeping Princess Aurora. Please note the ruffle detail.

Signed self portrait of the artist as 'Sleeping Princess Aurora dressed up in a Minny Mouse costume, next to Little Minny.'

Picture of mom (blue), Katie (purple), and Alex (blue and red). I personally love Alex's red shorts.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


A couple of weeks ago on yet another snowy Saturday we took our bunch bowling. Oma joined us.

SURPRISE! Katie needed to use the pink ball, even though at 8 lbs. it was a couple pounds heavier than the lightest ball we could find. The 6 lbs. ball was blue, however, which clearly would not do. Katie was a trooper and threw the ball unassisted both games - not counting the automatic bumpers.

Alex had more fun when we switched to the RAMP. He had a little help from dad, but had to carry his own ball most of the time. His expression never changed, even when he got a strike.

Max was a big fan of the candy I brought along for the adventure. He made it through the first game OK, but was tired of being a spectator after that. The ramp saved BOTH us.
One game would have been fine. Everyone was pretty cookied by the end of the second game.

Bowling in real life is not much like the Wii - I'm not nearly so lame bowling on the Wii - neither is Oma!

In the interest of full disclosure, I need to point out that 'my' strike in the 6th frame of game 2 was 'thrown' by Max. Go Max.


Max's current hobbies include:
pastry chef - he helped me make tartlettes for New Beginnings for YW. (I naturally forgot to take pictures of the finished product. I was trying to make everything gluten/corn/dairy free. Not easy to maintain taste, but pastry cream made with coconut milk is really really good!)

Sous chef - here he's helping with some meringue. It would appear that he is a fan.

performance artist - here is a piece involving chocolate pudding.

and gardener - hopefully spring will come soon and we can move this activity outside.