Friday, July 11, 2008

playing catch up

We have had a remodeling fiesta going on over here lately, hence the silence. I've been waiting to post some pictures of our little renovation, but can't find the correct cables BECAUSE of the renovation. Words will have to suffice.

The bowling alley has now been shortened, with the pinball games now being enclosed in bedroom #3. I keep cracking up at friends that have 'outgrown' their much larger houses with less inhabitants, while we made the decision to skip moving right now and just sub-divide our space to add another room. The garage is too large, the yard is too fun. We like where we are - just blocks away from Ace, Good Times, the grocery store, Papa Murphy's, and Three Margarita, plus some good parks. And who doesn't love mariachi music while trying to fall asleep? So here we shall remain for a couple more years.

The wiring and walls are up - complete with 'secret passage' from bedroom closet to hall closet, because who didn't want a secret passageway as a kid?! - and now the mudder just needs to get her act together and finish the taping. Roger is out of town this weekend, so I've been trying to get the tapping and painting done- we decided to build in some cabinets/bookshelves/entertainment center deal on the living room side of the new wall - before he gets back. Our goal is to have the remodeling all done before we go to CA July 23. It might actually happen, thanks to the help of some guest painters/babysitters (hooray for Oma and Opa).

Added bonus, Aunt Mag (a.k.a. the baby whisperer) came to town to hang out with a buddy and new baby, so we've been luring her up from Frederick for some playtime. Katie's first question this morning was 'Where is Aunt Mag?' Tonight she came over again for dinner and she and Katie had a grand time drawing and tickling. This just reinforces the need for Mag to live closer!

Pictures are coming, so just stay tuned. I'm sure you're (all two of you) on the edge of your seats. Naturally, it will all be much more impressive in person, so you should just plan on coming out here for a visit!


Stephanie F. said...

Hey, I am planning on coming to town the weekend of the 1st with my sisters. Hope you will be around and we can go get some good burgers :)

MiaKatia said...

I am an adult and I would still love a secret passage anywhere in my house! Your kids are so lucky!!! I am planning another trip to LM in October for a brother-n-laws wedding. I swear I am going to slip away so we can hang out!

Betty Grace said...

I was helping Steph paint her new place last week. She commented on fast I was painting. I said, "Oh that's because I've helped kat with projects and learned how to get to it!" So, thanks from both of us. Steph's house is looking cute and some of the credit goes to you even though you're nowhere near here. ;)

Disco Mom said...

I'm having a hard time picturing it, dying, dying for pictures! See, now there's 4 of us on the edge of our seats! Wow, I was wondering about this, if you were going to move. Good for you, you have taken "make it work" to heart in a major way. Can't wait to see.