Tuesday, September 2, 2008

crazy nesting kat

Last night while 'patiently' waiting to fall asleep, I started thinking about my 'things to do before I hatch' list. This thought process brought about the realization that I seem to get more ridiculous with each pregnancy. Roger will of course be shaking his head, thinking 'I could have told you that MONTHS ago had I wanted to sleep outside!'

With Katie, I think my main project was to paint her room, and find a dresser. There MIGHT have been, oh, 600+ bulbs planted that fall, but since I was only 5 months pregnant at the time and made Roger and James do the majority of the digging it doesn't count. I spend a fair amount of time doing 'normal' nesting things like making wee sweaters and booties for the coming princess.

For Alex, we did some pretty serious remodeling - totally redid our bathroom, changed out the fixtures in the other bathroom, got rid of the disgusting carpet (does blue loop carpet really need to exist?) and put in Pergo. The project MIGHT have dragged on longer than a certain pregnant girl had anticipated, making her a little nuts, but overall a pretty easy remodel. One color of paint involved, some cutting of tile, some cutting of boards. And a few more sweaters, fit for a little prince.

This time around, naturally another remodel was necessary. We - meaning Rog, although I am the official wallboard-screwer and first-coat-of mud person - put up a couple of walls to create a third bedroom and two closets. As long as we were doing that, we decided to put in an entertainment center/cupboards/bookshelf unit against the new wall. MAN! There has been no end of painting on this bad boy. I think in the last 6 months every room but the kitchen has gotten some tweaking - at least 50% of the house has been painted. I still have some final touching up to do on the shelves, and then the baseboards and the trim/casings for the doors. I finished a hardanger project because I figured it was now or a year from now, and now I'm remembering a sweater for Alex that I was going to finish for this winter for him. And then I think MAYBE I should actually whip something up for this new baby of his/her own. So what did I work on today? Did I pull out clothes in the appropriate size for the new one? Did I go through patterns and yarn for a new sweater? NO! I spent hours digging out the old lame strawberries in order to transplant the larger variety and expand the blackberry patch.

While I was doing this - thanks to Mary Poppins before lunch and a plethora of worms and grasshoppers after lunch to entertain the troops (I hope Alex didn't eat TOO many of them; guess we'll find out later!) - I was thinking what it would be like to just hire a couple of guys for a day and have THEM do this little project. They would knock it out in probably half a day and I could just supervise and be bossy and munch on my bon bons, as we stay-at-home moms usually do. Then I got to thinking about how grateful I am that I CAN go dig around in the dirt. I might be Shamu and BEYOND slow at this point, but things just take longer. I can still do them myself. As much as I like the IDEA of someone else doing it, I'm very glad that I am physically able to do pretty much what I want. Even in this enlarged condition.

We'll see if I have the same opinion tomorrow when my back weighs in . . .


Stephanie F. said...

I never nested. I kept waiting and waiting for it to happen. I feel bad I didn't get to see your house when we were there. Sounds like you've done some amazing work.

MiaKatia said...

I don't remember nesting too much either. But I do love to dig in the dirt. There is just something very rewarding about doing it yourself. Even when you are big and slow because it gives you that extra bit of something to be proud of!

Betty Grace said...

I want to see pics of the new projects!

Jana said...

Hey, wait a minute?! You're pregnant? When are you due? Why didn't I know this? Congratulations!


Mo said...

I have to admit to feeling a rush of relief when I realized my girls were whole and healthy when they were born. I don't even want to think about the chemicals I must have inhaled during one of my insane cleaning sessions leading up to their respective births. My only regret is that I didn't focus on anything I could SEE progress. Kudos to you for avoiding that particular pitfall. Just remember to put your feet up, get some sublime chocolate, and watch French Kiss before the birth. You've earned it. Consider it nesting for the soul.