Monday, June 8, 2009


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Another point in Longmont's favor: a carnival comes to town at least twice a year. Saturday night we hit it. Despite our lack of tattoos, they let us in. Apparently it's not the most high-brow attraction in town. Also, there appeared to be a job requirement of some combination of facial piercing, tattoos, and missing teeth in order to be qualified to run the rides, although a few high school students seemed to buck the trend.

Had I put batteries in our camera, I would have been able to capture Katie's terrified face as she flew down a big slide, which quickly turned to joy as she bounced on the cushion at the bottom. It reminded me of when she was a baby and had her first turn in a swing: complete horror followed by the world's largest smile.

I would have also caught Alex never cracking a smile when he was actually on a ride. He didn't look afraid, he was just studying this new situation. On the 'Dumbo ride' - elephants 'flying' around in a circle - he just stared at the center gear mechanism the entire ride. 'Hog Wild' - motorcycles, not pigs - he had a grand time pushing the buttons and turning what would be the accelerator on a real bike to make it move up and down.

It's interesting to me how the simple act of converting cash to coupons for the rides provides enough distance to change the feeling of the cost. 2 coupons seems like nothing for a little kiddy ride - multiply that by 2 or 3, depending if it's one that our small friends needed an escort on, and a few rides and $40 bucks later I was wondering just what happened!

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xtinedraws said...

actually its called meth to run the rides