Tuesday, November 10, 2009

happy birthday tom!

Today's birthday fest - a day late - is brought to you by Katie. She made Uncle Tom a skeleton - scissors are her new favorite thing. The head initially had a face of two star eyes, a heart nose, and a rainbow mouth. I left the kitchen to go change Max, and when I got back the stickers had multiplied. My favorites are the 'band aids' on the legs and arm - we've had a lot of boo boos lately. Best of all, she wrote her name just for you Tommy.

Here's a basket full of the kids that sang to you this morning.

These are just some cute boys.

This is one of my favorites. Katie loves to take self portraits - I don't know why she has to go cross-eyed, but so far she does it in every one she takes.

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Tom said...

Wow. My own post for my birthday. How did I rate that? Thanks for the call and the happy birthday song. And thank you, Katie, for the skeleton picture.

The kids look great.

My favorite part of the phone call was this:
Kat - What's the answer if we whine?
Katie - Yes!