Wednesday, March 31, 2010

welcome spring adventures

Here are some of our attempts to celebrate 'springtime' in CO:

teaching little brothers proper bed-jumping technique;

loading everybody into Jethro for the 1/2 block trip to Good Times (there is one car seat in there);

sledding at Scott Carpenter Park (the ROCKET park) in Boulder; (it was a spontaneous adventure, so the picture is a reenactment of how we went down the hill - all three kids were piled on my lap on top of a tiny green saucer, and they are sporting the same footwear they did on the hill.)

checking out the chicks at Murdoch's - hopefully next year we'll score a permit and get to have our own chicken coop!

and nursing Alex through our first case of the flu this year - so glad I went with apple juice instead of grape for him this morning! The patient is smiling because he's been watching Mighty Machines all morning long.

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