Saturday, May 8, 2010

rocky mountain nat'l park

In an effort to hasten the arrival of summer, or to turn everyone in our family into popsicles, we headed up to Rocky Mountain National Park the second weekend in May. The wind this spring has been crazy!

We found a nice picnic area next to a stream. The snowdrifts were good for digging, but a little chilly for lunch . . . or so we thought.

The area at the trail head was even colder because of the wind, but we were committed. Alex managed to poke his head out for a couple of bites.

The kids had a great time climbing on the rocks. Katie is turning into a regular mountain goat.

We saw a fair number of elk, but these rams were a real treat to watch on the way out of the park

. . . until they got spooked and ran right in front of our car.

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Margaret said...

What great wildlife sightings! That sounds like a fun adventure.