Friday, December 10, 2010

Thanksgiving stay-cation

This Thanksgiving we WERE planning on meeting Roger's sister and family in Moab. And then Cynthia acted like a responsible adult and checked the weather. 22 degrees in the daytime made us rethink our plans. Instead of Moab, we ate an early Thanksgiving dinner and then checked in to the Holiday Inn half-way to Boulder for a night.

The perfect pool for our little friends! We spent at least 5 hours playing in the water.

We lived off of casadillas and cheese and crackers for the evening and any needed snacks. High class all the way.

We had 'Thanksgiving dinner' again with Oma and Opa on Saturday. Above is what Alex does/will be doing every minute we spend at Oma's house. He literally can run that train for HOURS.

We also drove down to Denver and took a tour of Hammond's Candies. FUN! Fun to see the old equipment, fun to watch them form the huge block of candy that would turn into candy canes. Fun for the kids to score big suckers. This place needs to become a tradition, although I need to control myself better in the candy store.

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Margaret said...

I heard about your trip to the candy factory. That sounds like a place I need to take Summer.