Saturday, February 12, 2011

end of an era

The week after Katie's birthday I took down the crib. This crib has been up in our house since Katie was born. I guess it's only fitting it came down around her birthday.

Until we build a loft bed, the boys sleep together on the bottom bunk. I thought it might be bananas - and it sometimes is - but for the most part it works out better than when they slept apart. Alex really likes to have someone sleep with him, and Max has been a good 'mom substitute' in that department.
And now there's a LOT more room for building forts!
So far the only downside is that Summer has to sleep in a big bed when she comes over to hang out!


Margaret said...

Don't worry. We'll still come hang out!

And yeah for Max!

Jenifuz said...

I'm glad to hear it worked out having the boys sleep together! I'm not really looking forward to moving the twins out of their cribs and into the big bed. They'll have to share a full size so it's a little more room, I'm just worried they won't get any sleep!!! We'll see! Thanks for the hope though!