Saturday, June 11, 2011

summer fun

June is off to a great start. We introduced Summer to the dog beach at the reservoir. She didn't mind the dogs too much, and she even favored us with her impression of Roger. And no one got burned!
We finally checked out the children's area of the Botanic Gardens and it is a blast! The amount of fun we had is inversely proportional to the difficulty of getting these 4 goofers to all look at the camera at the same time.

Katie and Summer thrilled all the Grandma's with their cuteness and matching sweaters. Alex was an owl for a while.

No one could get enough of the suspension bridge.

Alex the owl turned into BUGMAN for a while at the bottom, while Katie and Summer worked some dress up magic.

The HEATED river was probably everyone's favorite, although Alex really loved the real kid-sized shovels. Katie even changed out of her dress to dig in the dirt.

There are tons of things to climb upon or through, and then naturally leap off.

This little beauty - Baby ViVi - joins us on all our adventures; she's just not quite as mobile as all the other cousins yet. We love watching Summer be a big sister, and everyone loves to hold that little nugget Violet.

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