Thursday, January 17, 2008

project runway

Perhaps inspired by Christian's and Chris's dress this past episode, here is the Kat and Katie take on Project Runway. Maybe the next iteration will have more ruffles to be more true to the original inspiration. :)

This afternoon I converted a queen-sized dust ruffle down to a twin, and Katie immediately got busy draping the scraps all over herself. So, once the dust ruffle was finished, project Princess skirt was on. For once, the idea in practice has lived up to the one in my head - she has been twirling and making the ribbons fly since she got up from her nap.

This is really just a segway into commenting on my sadness that Kit got the boot. How on earth did Ricky survive?! I agree that Kit's dress this week was lame and looked cheap, but Ricky's dress was even worse! It was a hard call between Christian/Chris and Victoria/Gillian, but I think their combination was the best couture/ready-to wear match up. Christian is irritating but good!

Ok, Mag and Kari, what are your rundowns?!


Anonymous said...

Project Runway?? ANTP all the way man. Just because I can watch a whole season on MTV in one sitting.

Disco Mom said...

I'm so impressed. Work it, girls!