Monday, January 28, 2008


Yesterday we took a little field trip to the Butterfly Pavillion. It was fun, although I have to admit that I had visions of millions of butterflies fluttering about, landing on Katie's nose and enchanting her with the magic of nature. She's just a little too young to really get into things, and the butterflies were smart enough to find the warmest places to hang out - which were far from the people, for the most part - but we had a good time checking out bugs and spiders and butterflies with Oma and Opa. Next time maybe I'll coat her in rotten banana to try and attract some friends to come and visit more closely.

The butterfly above was just hanging out on a tree. I spent some time watching a couple trying to photograph it. The man looked 'official' - he had a serious camera, with long, large lenses - while the gal had a small point-and-shoot digital. They both kept moving around the tree, trying to get the best shot of this butterfly from the front side. They didn't even bother to look at the underside.

I found the shot to be much more impressive from the other side. The light shining through the wing gave it much more dimension, and I like that the detail on the thorax is much more visible in this light and from this angle. It seemed odd to me that the 'professional' photographer was more interested in what to ME was a much more boring, every day shot. Just a good reminder to me to not get stagnant - to try and look at things from at least one other side.

Here you go, Mag. I didn't have a still of me holding the tarantula - I was busy running the video much of the time and carrying Alex around on my belly - but I did get some live action of Roger holding Rosie. Too bad I didn't get a good shot of Katie's face while she watched. She takes after Oma in that she had no desire to take a turn with the spider herself.


Margaret said...

I thought you would give us a picture of you with the tarantula.

Betty Grace said...

Sounds fun! That first pic reminded me of the NH Museum where you can play that natural selection game, be the predator and kill moths to see how they reproduce and change. You should have tried it in the butterfly house. :)

kat said...

ok mag. there you go - even better than a picture!

betty - we would have if there had been more butterflies! are you coming out?!!

Mia said...

EEEK, no thanks with dear old Rosie! I am not a big spider fan, my skin crawls just watching Roger do that! The picture of the buterfly is fantastic. I think the light coming through the wings is beautiful.