Thursday, June 5, 2008

a couple more

Rog isn't a fan of subjecting people to videos of the kiddies, but since Mag enjoyed the last ones, here are a few more.

Here we take a break from trying to wrestle Alex into some clothes for the day. Sorry about the bad lighting, but this is the biggest smiler I know!

This video highlights story time with Opa, as well as some of Katie's budding procrastination skills. This one is 2 minutes long, so consider yourself forewarned. If you know 'Don't Let the Pigeon Ride the Bus' it will make more sense to you. Katie was naturally much more animated the first time through the book, before I busted out the video camera. When we get to play this summer we can show you the live action version.

The kissing queen was only getting started with Oma. I love how she jumps into Opa's arms, and I think it's funny that she's still afraid - AREN'T WE ALL?! - of Uncle Mark's goatee.

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Disco Mom said...

Alex is SOOO cute! I love playing with naked Ginger, it's the best!