Monday, June 2, 2008

video update

Apparently, I am not in a thinking zone lately. So, here are a few video updates of the kiddies. Well, mainly Katie, because Alex just attacks me when he sees the camera in action. :)

The beginning of SUMMER!

In our second trip to the lake this year, the 80 degree weather report did NOT specify wind! We did not last too long, but the small ones still couldn't totally stay out of the water, despite the windchill factor.

Pictures from today would probably be more accurate for the official start of summer for us. We went to the pool with a friend, and while mom was GREAT about applying sunscreen on the kids, she did her usual for herself and thus is suffering this evening with burned shoulders and chest. I guess I'm still 17 years old in some areas of my life afterall!

Another true sign of summer beginning is the first rhubarb cake of the season. I debated for a second or two about making two 8x8 cakes and giving one away, but naturally one 9x13 won out. One day later it is almost gone, steadily being whittled down one tiny row at a time. Somehow that's not the same as eating a regular-sized piece in one sitting.


Margaret said...

Thanks for the videos Kat. They look adorable. How much of the watermelon did Katie eat?

kat said...

princess watermelon would have probably eaten the entire slice had i let her, and had she not already had a number of smaller ones already. i was cutting up a watermelon into human-sized pieces when she grabbed for the monster one. funny gal.