Friday, August 8, 2008

long beach recap

We spent the final week in July in Long Beach, CA hanging out with the Reese clan for Griffin's baptism/Carolpalooza. A good time was had by all. Maybe I was too tired out by Tornado Alex and Trampoline Katie, but they had a great time playing with their cousins, aunts and uncles, and I dare say the adults got along with each other as well. :)

A few highlights:

The beach is always one of my favorites. Katie had fun splashing in the waves - or is that Uncle Tom trying to drown her? :) - and flying a kite. Roger busted out his 2 m/4 string kite out on Saturday (I even learned how to fly it), which only reinforced his desire for an even BIGGER kite. The Hall cousins saw the ocean for the first time. Alex made it out the first day, and didn't even eat that much sand!

Saturday we took some family portraits in the morning, which hopefully turned out because of COURSE we want to document the existence of Shamu on dry land! Griffin's baptism was great, even though Aunt Kat got stuck in traffic and was tardy. We had time to go to the beach before a nice family BBQ, and played 'The Newlywed Game' afterwards for mom and dad's anniversary. Smarty pants Rog found some questions on line. Rog and I set it up, and ended up playing and LOSING! David and Pam won. The couple with 40 years together under their belts came in a close second.

Monday we hit Sea World. We went down early, thinking that the kids wouldn't make it all day - or that I wouldn't for that matter - but we stayed until 10 pm. Katie and Alex did great, although I think Alex was more interested in the animals than Katie was; she was VERY into the frozen lemonades, as was I. They saved me time and again. Entrance fee: $51 a person. At close to $5 a beverage, they should just let everyone in for free and count on the sun to make their cash registers sing. There was a small meltdown in the afternoon because Katie didn't get to pick out her own hat - and it wasn't even princess OR polka dotted! BAD MOM! - but other than that it was an excellent day.

(I can't believe I forgot about this! Thanks for reminding me Mag.) Tuesday morning Katie and I were hanging out at the pool, chatting with Mag, when a 5.4 earthquake hit. It was funny, because at first I was looking around for the large truck that had just rattled past, shaking the ground. Then some lady came out on the second floor with her baby, freaking out, and Mag and I looked at each other. Katie's first, mine and Mag's second earthquake. It woke Roger up, but Alex was a trooper and slept right through it!

Every morning Katie asked to go to Griffy's house so she could jump on the trampoline with him. She scored a Tinkerbell dress from her cousins - complete with sparkly ring and wings - which she removed occasionally to allow for clothing changes underneath. It's just too bad we don't live close enough together to play more often!

I need to collect pictures from others who were more snap-happy than I, but here are a few. I really need to grow a couple more arms!

In case you're wondering, this is my favorite purchase from the trip. Tuesday Mag, mom, Katie and I took a little fieldtrip to Ikea. Man, could I have gone crazy. Suitcase limitations kept me in check. I did pick up these little beauties (sans the cutlery) and I am LOVING them. They are the perfect size for the small ones and very handy for picnics out in the backyard.


Margaret said...

I can't believe you didn't mention the earthquake! It was awesome.

Betty Grace said...

Sounds like a great trip!! Ya- post some more pics. It was fun to see even, even if it was briefly.

Dave Reese said...

We're sure glad everyone came and everyone seems to have had a good time. I'm sure my wife burned a few extra million calories worrying about every single detail, but it all seems to have gone off without a hitch.

Especially that earthquake we cooked up for the out-of-towners!