Tuesday, November 25, 2008

thanksgiving is coming . . .

Thanksgiving is coming, so this naturally means . . . time to figure out the candy list for this year! The old standbys will be showing their faces - toffee, chews, dipped caramels - but I'm looking for some new truffle flavors. Or new candies to make in general. I really liked the raspberry truffles last year, so I think those ones make the cut again for this year. If you have any ideas for fun flavors - or new candies to try - hit me with them in the comments. Otherwise, let the voting begin!

image from Sweet Lu Cake Shop


Margaret said...

I was thinking about a lemon truffle, but I don't know about white chocolate.

Mint truffles are a great idea. We can sprinkle big, green, minty sugar crystals on top. I am all about the sugar on top this year.

I didn't even think about macadamia nuts. That's a brilliant idea.

See you in 4 weeks!

Tom said...

I do like the thought of the lemon and the passion fruit, but I'm not so sure about the pretend white chocolate. I can definitely see a subtle lemon wrapped in dark chocolate, though. Pistachios sounds good, too.

See you in 4 weeks (and a day).

Mark said...

Well Liz and I were talking this afternoon and we like the mint and caramel dipped. I was also thinking if there was a mint covered oreo option and a mint bark, like the ones you get at rocky mtn chocolate factory.