Saturday, November 8, 2008

time travel

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Well, Mag was right once again.

While Mag was out here visiting us when Max hatched, she took a night off from ‘baby dancing’ to go down to Denver and hang out with some friends. When she got back she said they had spent a good amount of time playing Rock Band. I had the passing thought ‘What the? Are you guys 14-year-old boys or something?’

Mag, I ask your forgiveness.

Thursday mom came up and watched the kids, so Roger and I dined and then cruised Best Buy. Rog was looking for some boring computer thing for work, when my ears picked out the tones of Billy Idol’s White Wedding off in the distance. So I went a wandering. Rock Band, huh? Well, let’s just see what this is all about. I am no good on the drums. But the guitar? I’M A NATURAL! Roger and I played a few rounds, and would have probably closed the store down but we didn’t want to kill off mom entirely.

Friday night we headed up to Boulder to hang out with Oma and Opa – WRONG! We went up there to play Mark’s GUITAR HERO! When dad got home, he asked what we were up to. Katie’s response: ‘Mom and dad are rockin’ out.’That’s right, Katie. I can still rock.

Roger was going to put Guitar Hero on his wish list, until I KICKED HIS BUTT! Even on some ridiculous song by Poison. POISON! Seriously? Yeah, I nailed it. I just tried the ‘easy’ level, but did try medium on a little Pat Benetar ditty and STILL nailed it! All those years of violin lessons paid off after all. I guess it will have to go on my wish list – maybe when we draw names for the Reese family people will be feeling generous. Or just do a combined present for Roger and I. It’s just a suggestion . . .

NOW who’s the 14 year old boy?


Mark said...

So you can kick Rogers butt but can you beat me? How close did you get to getting on the High Score list? Maybe on my wish list will be the World Tour version of the game with a second guitar; then we can play against each other.


kat said...

well, i didn't want to brag too much, but i did get the high score on 6 of the 8 songs in those first 2 sets. that's right. ON MY FIRST TRY!

i was SOOO close to borrowing your xbox and guitar hero, but i forgot to call you first and ask you, so i left it at the folks. this afternoon while everyone sleeps i am SOO regretting my decision. i could be rocking out right now!!!

i'm torn between guitar hero and rock band. i think i like rock band better. and we have a ps3, not the xbox. would the guitars be compatable? roger found that link too, by the way. he almost ran over to the devil store walmart to pick up world tour, but then we played at the reeses. he's still licking his wounds. he hates to lose even more than i do.

Mark said...

Well when I get home for christmas we'll have to battle each other. I don't believe the guitars would be compatable because they are different platforms. If you do take my xbox home make sure it's back when I get home.

kat said...

now i HAVE to borrow your xbox, since you've challenged me to a duel! how can i compete if i haven't practiced? :)

Margaret said...

You are a huge dork. I recommend getting Rock Band. Katie would love to sing into the microphone!

The Stradling Family said...

OK, we've played Rock Band with some friends. I was laughing so hard that a group of 30 to 40 somethings are sitting around rocking out to this stuff. I totally suck at it, but it was hysterical. I would love to see you rock out this summer.