Monday, January 5, 2009


Here are a few pictures from Christmas. Better late than never, eh?

Christmas Eve we opened presents from Grandmother and Grandpa Young. Katie LOVES her vest and has even slept in it a number of nights. This is particularly impressive, since I can rarely convince her to agree to wear something new. There's a fluffy pink poncho I finished knitting about two months ago that she still refuses to even try on! Max's quilt is adorable - it has little sheep stitched on the top.

Before we went to bed we put out 'reindeer food' that a friend gave us and Katie called 'reindeer, oh reindeer' to make sure that Santa's friends would know to come to Oma's house and have a treat when they got there.

The theme Christmas Day was mainly 'if Katie opened it, Alex wants to play with it' and vice versa. Alex really likes the doll house and enjoyed trying to sit on the picnic table, which believe me is not built to support his fine physique. Katie really likes Alex's Automoblix cars - we lost the rubber off one of the tires on Christmas day, but otherwise all the pieces are still intact over one whole week later!

These pjs really say it all: 'What Santa doesn't bring, grandma will!'

Max was blessed on Sunday, December 28th. The Reeses are trying to introduce some tall genes into the gene pool through the additions of Roger and Kalle, but I never really realize how short we are as a bunch until we're all together in a picture. Do I really only come up to Roger's shoulder?

Apparently, Alex is not quite ready to give up the plug. Let's put that on the top of his list of goals for 2009.

And here is Max carrying on a very important tradition . . .

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Serena Cherry said...

Great pictures! I love that Max cake!!! That is really cute. Always so creative...I hope you had a happy new year, too!