Friday, January 2, 2009


It's a good thing I took that candy poll, because the only dipped candy I made this year was a SINGLE pan of caramels, which were way too soft, and did not dip well. I'm just telling everyone that it was Mag's maiden voyage of dipping. It appears my digital thermometer is not the miracle invention I had pegged it to be.

I have been working steadily to remove the evidence - a soft caramel might possibly be even more delicious than it's firmer counterpart. Maybe I'll give them another go after I procure my tempering machine. I will for sure be trying the dipped marshmellows. I might even share the results.


Julie said...

Is it possible to dip marshmellows without ending up with soupy Fluff?

Margaret said...

They may look ugly but they taste super delicious.

kat said...

the marshmellows should work, since the chocolate at dipping temperature is lower than body temperature. assuming i make the marshmellows correctly!

Marna said...

I am in need of some filled candy recipes... Can you help?
marna "at" alexfam dot com