Tuesday, March 10, 2009

more irony

I'm usually the first person to hop on the soap box and rail against the over-prescription of antibiotics. 'Johnny has a runny nose, doctor, I need a prescription!' 'Suzy has had a fever for 2 hours - I need some antibiotics!

Thankfully the bacteria out there haven't grown completely resistant and antibiotics still work when necessary. Alex decided to revisit the location of his birth and spend the weekend in the hospital. He had croup (virus) along with a secondary infection (bacterial) in his trachea. It was so scary to hear that little man try to breath, and see how hard he had to work to get air into his lungs. Hooray for insurance and nurses and doctors. After a fair amount of poking around they figured out what was up, gave him the antibiotics, and he started to improve immediately. He still has a nasty cough, but his breathing and heart rate are back to normal. It was so nice to have him fight back when he didn't want to do something.

Katie got to spend the weekend with Oma and Opa. When they came up to visit Sunday night, after she said 'Hi mom,' the next words out of Katie's mouth were 'I want to go back to Oma and Opa's house.' Too bad she doesn't have any fun over there. She got to go to work with Oma, and from what I hear had a grand time making pictures for everyone that works in the Registrar's office and 'helping' Oma do her job. When Oma dropped her off yesterday and told her that she was going to go visit Aunt Lizard and Uncle Mark for a week, Katie just about lost it completely. The promise of treats ('I LOVE treats!) saved the day. Somehow she has adjusted back to the boring life of hanging out with her parents and brothers. Another trooper in the family.

Max is thankfully small enough that he could hang out with us in the hospital without too much trouble, which is good because we didn't have enough time to clone mom to meet the different needs of both of her boys. So far all the hand washing and dried-out hands seem to be paying off, and he's still healthy.


Tom said...

Glad to hear that everyone is back home and that Alex is doing better.

Betty Grace said...

That is scary. Glad he is doing better! miss you!