Wednesday, May 13, 2009

aunt mag recap

Katie: Mom, why did you take aunt mag to the airport? She's my bestest friend. She does all these fun things with us!

When we got back from the aquarium and Oma's house late Friday night, this was waiting in the yard for mom: Happy 13th Birthday! Oma and Mag took the kids back to Boulder, and Kat and Rog went to REI to do a little shopping. We also hit an upholstery store, and while we were there met a guy who reupholsters car seats - and happens to specialize in Saab! HOORAY! Take that little challenge off my list!

We went on a walk in the rain so mom could try out her birthday present.

We had some good hanging out time, building with Alex's new Tinker Toys and magnet building set. We also went through a million baby clothes. Roger is quite happy to see 4 large bins of clothing leave our house - or I should say he is happily anticipating the day when I go ship them all off. Mag also felt it necessary to beat Kat approximately 100 times at Doodle Dice.

Monday night Mag's friend Summer threw her a baby shower. It took Katie a while to warm up to everyone, but once the presents started coming she came right out of her shell.

We were lucky to have Aunt Mag for a nice long weekend, and we all had a grand time and can't wait to see Aunt Mag again - probably sometime in July when little 'Benjamima Lady Bear' hatches and we get another new cousin to play with!

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Margaret said...

I had a great time with all of you! Thanks for letting me stay at your house. And a huge thanks for all the cute clothes! And all the baby gear, too.

I'll see you in your purple house on wheels this summer!