Friday, May 29, 2009


I discovered a couple of new things today.

First, I am starting to get over my 'thing' about Longmont bike trails. Growing up in Boulder, I have had some snottiness to get over to embrace living in 'Wrongmont.' One remaining hurdle is bike/hiking trails. Admittedly, this is in large part due to my lack of looking. I have many favorite trails in Boulder, and have been stubborn about searching out new trails here farther north. Part of my criteria for a 'cool ride' is being able to get to it straight from my house, without having to pack up the troops and equipment and drive, with a second requirement being limited road involvement. With my friends in the trailer, I prefer to avoid car traffic. Today, I found another cool route in our exploring, and discovered some more sections of bike trail which will limit riding on the road even more. HOORAY!

Another cool tool I stumbled upon is '' I'm not in love with all the pop-ups, but for a free tool that lets me keep track of my routes - so that psycho girl can know how long they are - as well as training calendars and different calculators, I can live with them. It is certainly a little different riding with an extra +80lbs on the back of my bike, and that amount is going to increase by another 20lbs or so when I add Max to the rig. I decided I should actually wait until he can sit in a bike seat, instead of rigging something off the back of my bike that I could attach his car seat - rear facing, of course! - to.

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The Goat Herders said...

Wow, that's quite the bike ride! You will definitely get a workout biking the kids around. I bet they enjoy the scenery. Do you have to stop and the lake and throw rocks? Sam, Jeremy and I took a bike ride down to the library and park last week. It feels good to be out and enjoying the nice days.