Thursday, July 9, 2009


Max now pulls himself up to standing, and has traded his love of sand for a new treat: dog food. Delicious!
For the Fourth of July, we celebrated at our friend's lake. Katie got to ride around in a motor boat - Alex had no interest in the water this day. While it was hard to pry her out of the boat, she still thinks it's more fun to ride around in a 'house on wheels.'
Max got to go to his first fireworks shoes - at the Longmont Fairgrounds and in our backyard. The kids were all about as thrilled with the spinning flowers - they shot out little firecrackers at the end of their color show - as Oma was. :)
Alex scored his first FULL haircut. After the receptionist at the doctor's office commented on my 'two cute girls,' I figured it was time to bite the bullet and shear off some curls. Apparently to Alex 'hold still' means 'bob your head as much as possible.' The side by the first ear is a little extra short, but otherwise it's a passable job. This haircut also had the magical effect of aging him two years over the course of his afternoon nap!

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Margaret said...

Super-cute pictures, Kat!