Tuesday, February 2, 2010

birth of a wardrobe

Presenting the best Christmas present ever:
For Christmas, Rog build me a wardrobe to fill the space next to the linen closet in our room. It turned out even better than I imagined. The only - and definitely not immediate - problem is what to do with it if/when we move from this house! The finish job is not perfect (moi) but it is already a family heirloom in my book.

It was so cool to watch it being formed out of a pile of lumber and sheets of plywood. For Christmas Rog gave me the dove tail jig, and then got sick for a week. In January he busted this baby out. This of course included cleaning out/rearranging the garage to make space to build and then a 'paint room.' If you want your own custom furniture, you're going to have to go find your own carpenter, because this one is taken!

It has been reported that, in true Kat fashion, I waited an entire day before I came up with another project. In all fairness, there also more jobs on my own list now. I'm the one who has to strip and refinish the doors of the neighboring linen closet because of the now glaringly terrible original finish job I did on them.

In the mean time, we are taking votes on the following issue: to handle or not to handle? There are currently handles on the drawers of the dresser portion of this operation, but there has been much discussion as to whether the doors of the closet portions and the skinny jewelry drawer should also have handles. What's your vote?


Tom said...

Looks great. Roger, as usual, came through with flying colors. I vote no handles on the doors. The little jewelry drawer should get handles, but there should be two, on the sides instead of centered.

Randall said...

You could consider "Why do you think?" Might work sometimes...

The Stradling Family said...

I'm so impressed. What a talented husband you have. (and might I say he also got a wonderful wife!)

krissy knox said...

I'm definitely voting for handles! Or maybe some kind of knobs. Or would that not match? Just curious. But I think to keep it always properly oiled on the outside (not have any removal of oil on the outside of the beautiful piece) you would need handles or knobs. And it would look most gorgeous that way! Blessings, krissy knox :)

krissy knox :)
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