Tuesday, February 2, 2010

why alex is awesome

Last night Roger and I prepared for battle: Operation 'Adios Blue Plug.'

My mouth dropped at how easy it was.

'Alex, if you give me blue plug, I'll trade you for Jack (a front loader engine).'

Alex, without hesitation, said 'OK!' He opened Jack, Jack and the mini-excavator had some conversation in greeting and discovering the magic button that raises Jack's front loader, and he went right to sleep.
Today, nap time showed that the battle might not quite be won.

When he hopped into bed, he immediately asked about blue plug.

Me: You traded blue plug for Jack.

Alex, handing me the engine that has literally not left his fingers since last night: But I don't love Jack.

Me: You're a big boy. You don't need blue plug anymore.

Alex, with tears streaming: I don't want to be a big boy. I want to be a (l)wittle boy.'

I somehow convinced him to take care of Jack for me, letting him keep the mini-excavator company, while he napped. Tonight might require fancier maneuvers.

Numerous times yesterday Alex announced to Max that he was his 'best friend,' and then proceeded to tackle him and give him a smooch attack. Max was understandably not excited about being repeatedly flattened, but Alex looked so happy and was so sincere in showing his brother he loved him. I need to get faster with the video to capture proof for the future when the body slams are NOT for smooch fests.

To cap things off, he also discovered the word 'WHY?' I think I need to come up with a reasonable number of responses before I resort to 'Because I said so.'

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Tom said...

That is totally awesome. Alex rocks. But then, so do his siblings.