Saturday, September 11, 2010


Here's a little blast from the past. As kids, we went down to Lakeside a few times for AT&T family days. On Aug 10 we took our own troops down to there. I was trying to make up for missing the carnival every time it was in town this summer. Boy, was that a great call. Unlimited wristbands and all the ladybug rides they could handle.

Max took a little warming up, but once he rode one ride, he was all in.

Katie's favorite ride was NOT the roller coaster.

A bunch of people from the ward were actually down there that night, so the kids even had little buddies to play with.

It's nice that our little guys are so close in age, because they were all happy riding the kiddie rides - just the right pace for everyone, although I personally thought that canoe was never going to make it back around on it's 20 foot 'river.' Funnel cake for dad and snow cones for the kids, and lots of great people watching for moi. Good summer fun.

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