Friday, December 23, 2011


This year we finally graduated to a full-sized tree. It's fake, but it is taller than 3 ft. I'm glad we went with the shatter-proof ornaments - I'll save the glass for a less exciting year.  The activity advent has moved to a home of it's own home. Highlights of some of our activities coming next . . .

The kids have really gotten into decorating their own rooms.  The boys opted for snowflakes and ornaments on their window - they had a little help with the tree - and peppermint lights.  The giant penguin snow globe complete with motion-detector-triggered music is a huge hit - thanks Oma.  Katie made each of the kids' rooms a Christmas countdown sheet, so they can cross of the days until Christmas.  She is also very particular about the other decorations in her room - she designed the 'HO HO HO' on her door, and has blue snowflake lighst and a miniature lighted Christmas tree in her room.

Also, she (well, I might have had some input there) decided that every door needed a wreath, so everybody picked out their ribbon and bows.  I may need a tutorial from a more accomplished bow maker, but these worked for the under 5 crowd this year.


the de Roda Family! said...

I love the pics! You are so creative!! Happy Birthday to your mother... and Merry Christmas!

Momma Miles said...

Impressive Kat! When I grow up I want to be as crafty as you.