Friday, December 2, 2011

train show in denver

We went to the train show down in Denver last Saturday - a little 'Advent Calendar Activities Preview.'  SO much fun!  So many train layouts.  Alex made sure that he and Max had their engineer hats for the occasion.  He is still very much a train guy.  He set up 'Team GeoTrax' around the base of the Christmas tree on his own.  My days as track designer are definitely numbered.

SO many G-gauge trains - almost makes you want to switch gauges and join the Garden Train Club.
This layout needs to be replicated at our house.  Rog liked the guy with a million relay switches - microcomputers in the track that automatically switched the track so the trains would change routes automatically and not crash into each other.  Our switches are not quite that fancy . . . yet.

Alex could have stayed even longer. We only got him out of there with the promise of setting up the Circus Train with the new switches when we got home.

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