Tuesday, November 27, 2007

the plug

Well, it is time. Time for weaning Miss Katie off her plug addiction. This is no overnight project, but we are definitely making some progress. Today we present an Ode to the Plug. Above you will see the plug in Katie's preferred position. She was quite particular about having the handle pressed up under her nose for some reason. Ours is not to reason why.

Here is an example of favored plug activity - the super spin. She started doing this, apparently without really thinking about it. She just hangs out or even walks around, spinning her plug. Silly monkey.

I find interesting the objects that Katie has found for comfort. She is a blanket kid, a doll girl, and a plug kid. Stereotypical choices, all three. In the car she likes to have a book handy - that's my girl! We cannot leave the house many times unless she has all these four items. She didn't have this behavior modeled directly for her, but I suppose that we did teach it to her. Crying girlfriend - give her the plug. Time for bed - here's your blanket and your dolly. Her choice of the ugliest doll on earth as her favorite is her own contribution to the story.

Lately she has a new favorite: her 'I love Aunt Mag' t-shirt. Given the choice of what to wear, that's the first thing to come out of her mouth. 'Aunt Mag shirt!' Today she had to carry it around for a while, saying 'I like Aunt Mag shirt.' Sweet girl. I'd say it's a good replacement for her beloved plug.


Margaret said...

I think it's a perfect replacement for the plug!

Mia said...

I can't even think about removing Reed's pacifier. You are a stronger woman than I!

Disco Mom said...

It's a tough process, I wish you the best. We went cold turkey with Hazel but that is not for everyone. I just told her I couldn't find it and if she found it she could have it. Then she would get distracted and I told her the same thing each time and that was that. Then about 2 weeks later Ed watched the girls alone and he gave it to her the first sign of trouble, weakling. That day I threw them out. Good luck!

I do not give Hazel choices in what to wear. It is one of my simple pleasures choosing their outfits and I am not giving it up without a fight.

Jenifuz said...

Kat! I found your blog! IT's so fun to get all the updates on your little family! Ethan was the totally addicted to the plug. We ended up having the binki fairy come and take the plug and leave a gift and then then were gone for good. That is of course after he had been limited to having it only in bed and in the car, then only at bedtime. Good luck! I hope it goes well!

kat said...

m - i figured you'd be ok with the replacement.

k - bravo on going cold turkey. i'm too much of a wimp. katie still scores the plug when the bed is involved. i can distract her ok during the day, but her nap time is my break time, and i'm selfish about maximizing it!

j - i like the idea of the plug fairy. that could be the ticket! and it's fun to see what your bunch is up to as well!

Julie said...

I think I need to send her an "I Love Aunt Julie" t-shirt :) Feeling a bit left out down here!

kat said...

hey jules -
maybe you just need to come and visit! :) i know - easier said than done. but still easier for you than for us to come down under!

Serena Cherry said...

I have to say that I spent Jan-March in a depression because of the adverse affects of the pacifier. We had the pacifier fairy come and take it away and leave a present, and it really did work, Lane never asked for it again. But she went from sleeping 15 hours a day to 8. I almost died! It was awful! But I figured it was the only way to do it because it is going to have to happen sooner or later. It was a low time, but now everything is great and plug-free. So just figure out the best time to torture yourself, and then do it! Good luck!