Monday, December 3, 2007

faster than the speed of light

'NUMMMM! Man, this is dah-WISH-us!'

Someone is having some trouble letting go of the plug, and someone ELSE is having trouble with all the whining that comes along with that. It could also be that someone #1 is simply super-tired since she was up being a bookworm last night. At any rate, in an effort to distract her, I suggested we make 'fancy drinks' before lunch. Katie suggested lemonade, so today's drink was raspberry lemonade with seltzer and ice smashed up in the blender. Amazing what happiness a pink liquid drunk with a straw can bring! She's smiling so hard she can't even open her eyes! It made mom happy as well. I love a fancy drink as much as the next gal.

Moments later, girlfriend is all smiles, happily slurping away on her lemonade and contemplating eating some cheese sandwich, until she spies her advent calendar over on the wall . 'I want candy!' Since I'm the mom, I say NOPE!

Cue the tantrum! She still has a lot to learn as far as beating her hands on the ground and shrieking louder if she wants to compete with Aunt Mag for tantrum skills, but this one wasn't bad. Maybe it was just the contrast between total happiness and utter and complete sadness just seconds later that made it a good one.

Before too long, I'll have some video of Alexander climbing up the bookshelves. For now, he gets around by rolling like a roly poly, spinning around on his belly, and sliding backwards on the floor. Until the climbing shots, here's a good smile just so sister doesn't score all the print.


Mia said...

What a handsome man! Sorry for the plug problems. I am sure tomorrow will be better :)

kat said...

Today WAS better, because we got to go play with some friends. Amazing how little buddies make our cares go away.
And isn't he handsome? Sometimes I just can't stand how cute he is and I just have to attack him with kisses! :)

Mia said...

We will be in LM from the 19th through the 1st we should meet up at the park some day. We won't have a car so we will be at the mercy of the grandparents but they are generally flexible. That way I can meet both your gorgeous children.

kat said...

FUN! we're always game for some park action. we'll figure it out when you get here!