Tuesday, December 4, 2007

getting into Christmas

Here's where we see I am no photographer, and am also seriously lacking in the patience it would take to become such. Younce got me thinking about Christmas traditions, and so here we are. This year I was HOPING that Katie would be old enough to be excited about the ornament-a-day advent calendar, and I was right! At least so far. She likes to reach into the pockets, and is quite particular - SURPRISE! - about where she wants the ornaments to be hung on the tree. I like that this calendar is basically the same as the one we had when I was growing up, with just a few small changes to make it our own. Sewing sequins all over the place really did provide the effect I was looking for, although it took forever. I'd still like to do something more with the background to make it look like it's snowing, but I haven't come across any small snowflake-type sequins, and adding clear ones to make it sparkle just seemed like it would be more of what was already done on the tree. This was one of my favorite things growing up, and it's fun to be able to start this tradition with my own little family.
We found a good spot this year to put out part of the nativity set. It's fun to watch Katie check out the figurines and go over the Christmas story as we look at them all. It's also nice to have a visual reminder of the real reason for this season.

It's also fun to go out with Katie looking for 'Christmas Houses.' We took a meandering route home from the park the other evening - Captain Handsome had a long nap, so we were late making it outside. But it did provide a good excuse, albeit a bit nippy out, to go and check out some Christmas lights. I love that Katie gets excited to see Christmas lights, and all the kitschy stuff that people put in their yards. The cheesy gigantic blow-up deals are her absolute favorite!

I would like to copy Younce and make stockings that are unique and representative of each member of our family. Outside of Seven, however, I'm still just not certain what the theme of each stocking would be. Interests change. How do I figure out what Katie and Alexander will be into years from now? Or even myself and Roger for that matter. I'd probably be safe with ribs and a smoker on Roger's stocking. If I made a sock for Katie this minute, there would be dolls, trains, books, and M&Ms on hers. Alexander's would be covered in something drippy and gooey. Hopefully that will not always be the case! Harder still for me to do something that isn't just copied off of a pattern.

So, what are your favorite Christmas traditions? And . . . What would YOU put on a stocking for anyone in my family?!


Serena Cherry said...

I love your advent calendar. I really wanted to make one this year, but alas, it didn't happen. I am with you on the stockings. I feel like we have to wait a few years until we can put something cool on them. Plus, we still do Christmas in CO, so we don't even use our own stockings. I am making homeade Christmas gifts this year. I decided to devote all of my spare time to little felt ornaments. They kind of have a 70's feel, I think we like what we were raised with I suppose! Anyway,I will post them on my blog after the holidays because I can't ruin the surprise for my family! Let's hope they don't read this post! Anyway, isn't Christmas 10,000 x's more exciting with little kids? Seriously.

kat said...

christmas is SOO much more fun with little kids! a box arrived with some packages and katie was freaking out. NEW TOYS NEW TOYS! i can't WAIT to see her Christmas morning, now that she's really old enough to get into it.

you need to - if you haven't already - talk to mag about felt creations. she has gotten into making little 'mascots.' i love that idea.

and i love your long hair! i still can't get over it!

Mia said...

I am at a loss when it comes to stockings because growing up we just had the red felt ones with our names written in gold glitter. No offense to my mom, but not exactly what I want for my kids. I think when I get around to it I am going to get stocking with a traditional Christmas scene or winter scene that reminds me of that person... which is precisely why I haven't bought any yet.