Tuesday, December 18, 2007

more getting into Christmas

We continue to ramp up the Christmas mood around here. Holiday movies are of course fun and festive. Making sugar cookies and candy with one of Kari's Christmas mixes playing in the background is essential, if not somewhat backbreaking.

Something I really look forward to every year is going to the Christmas concert of the Colorado Mormon Chorale. A huge part of that is going to see my father sing, but it really struck me this year how much the Chorale's concert really helps put me in the Christmas spirit. This year was extra fun because Katie got to come and share it. She loves music, but even more so when it's being sung by her Opa. I'm so happy that she could see him sing. This year was a nice mix of carols, primarily traditional but with a couple of wild cards thrown in as well. This year's African carol added some nice energy. It's so nice to go to a Christmas event where the focus of the activity is actually on the birth of the Savior.

I kept thinking throughout the concert that it was at one of dad's concerts that I first met the fellow who would eventually marry my sister. I remember coming up on them from the back, and thinking 'Wow! They already look like each other! Time is not going to make them morph into looking like the same person any more than they do right now.' What a great guy she found to be her partner.

If only she lived closer to help me wrap presents! And I mean wrap - I don't have enough pillow cases for all of the kiddos' goodies!

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