Friday, February 8, 2008

happy birthday katie!

Katie Marie is 2 years old! I can't believe how fast the time has flown by! She is definitely old enough to understand that it was HER day - more like WEEK, since the party went on every day for about that long.

Last Friday we went to our friends' house and they had a surprise birthday lunch set up for Katie. Her little friends Matt and Ryan made heart-shaped PB&J sandwiches and had picked out a princess dress for her so they would have someone to rescue with their swords. That was cake #1.

We made a 'Pablo' - from the Backyardigans - cake for Katie's birthday. All day long she kept climbing up on the table to look at it, and liked that his eyes seemed to follow her around. Birthday morning she got to open up her present from Aunt Lizard - a year's supply of candy, complete with her favorites, Skittles and M&Ms. We got some balloons for her party, and Katie spent the day running around dragging the balloons behind her. Why did I go shopping for birthday presents? Balloons would have been good enough on their own!

For lunch we had some buddies over for hot dogs and cheetos - the mom's had real food - and lots of sugar. Naturally, all the kids licked the frosting off of the cupcakes and showed no interest in the cake. There was lots of jumping around and playing with balloons, and only a few tears from kids who sad it wasn't their turn to be opening presents. Girlfriend spent the rest of the day prancing around in the strappy sandals from Oma. The pink sparkly shoes are today's current favorites. She was able to tear herself away from her tea set long enough to have a little Pad Thai for her birthday dinner.

Thursday night we had the birthday celebration with Oma and Opa and Uncle Mark. Katie finally got her hamburger and french fries, but was really only interested in the chocolate shake (notice the look of glee in the first picture). The present fest concluded with additional train tracks and a super fun alphabet zoo from Aunt Mag.

Sometime around midnight Katie got out of bed and came out to the living room. Rog asked her what was up. Katie replied: 'I'm just looking at my toys.' She took a train engine with her back to bed and slept the rest of the night in peace.

I love that our little princess, who loves to have her nails painted and play with dolls, loves her trains and cars just as much!


Disco Mom said...

Wow, too bad no one loves her. I'm glad her day (week!) was super special and she has lots of food and toy variety to keep life interesting. Pablo is Hazel's favorite too :)

Julie said...

I wish I could have been there too!

kat said...

yeah, it's too bad katie gets no attention from anyone. that can be something she works through in therapy in the future. ;)

too bad you weren't here, jules. you missed some fun times with the princess.

Betty Grace said...

Geez, that girl is doing it right. Sorry to have missed the fun. Oh and don't think because you said "Matt and Ryan" threw her a surprise party, I don't know what that meant. It's like I'm working at MCW again and you guys call to tell me how much fun you're having while I'm stuck at work. :)

Margaret said...

I need to see her new shoes! And where is a picture of her tea set? You need to give me more pictures.

kat said...

betty - had the weather cooperated, you could have had cake and heart sandwiches with us. the kids had fun, but erica and i didn't - just mourned the fact that you weren't there!