Thursday, February 14, 2008

happy valentine's day!

I missed you ALL while I was frosting cookies. Valentine's Day is a PRIME sugar cookie holiday in my book. And this year, I actually made the exact right amount of frosting. This might be a first!

Katie was a hilarious little helper. She 'decorated' a few cookies - with only a few licks between m&m placement - but she was primarily interested in arranging the colored sugars in rows and towers. By the end, she was enjoying putting her entire hand into the pink sugar - now you know which cookies to watch out for!

We wish you were all closer to come and eat cookies with us, but I guess I'll just have to enjoy them for you. They are delicious as always!


Serena Cherry said...

those look really, really yummy! I wish we lived next door!

Margaret said...

Your cookies look awesome. I finally got around to making my dough this afternoon. I'll finish mine tomorrow. I thought about buying conversation hearts, but then I thought about how they taste and bought dark M+Ms instead. I would have gone with some conversation hearts, but they were all smudged.

Tonight Kalle and I are going somewhere special where we'll dine on heart-shaped pizza. After dinner we'll go to Target and pick out presents for each other. That's how we do romance.

Tom said...

Well, Kat. I would say save some for me, but I don't think it would be worth it after 5 months. So we can just make more when I get back there this summer.

kat said...

serena - think of the other fun we could have if we were neighbors, besides just od'ing on sugar cookies!

mag - thank you. i didn't go as creative as normal, but i they were indeed delicious. i got the necco conversation hearts to decorate them with, because the other ones were all smuggy. and then i 'forgot' the rest of the bag of hearts over at my friends house. good, eh? i don't need to bother with non-chocolate candy in my house!

how did the target run go?

tom - well, twist my arm. there's not really a 'sugar cookie holiday' in the summer, but i suppose we could make an exception. i do have 'camping' cookie cutters!

Margaret said...

We decided to skip the presents all together and went home. The restaurant was hilarious. It's a pizza joint, but because Kalle called ahead to make reservations, we got a tablecloth (plastic, picnic table cover), a rose and a box of chocolates.

Kalle told his coworkers he was unable to join them at the bar because it was Valentine's Day and he had a coupon so he was taking his lady out. I love my Kalle.

Betty Grace said...

Those are so KAT cookies! I enjoyed the photo almost as if i were there. Thanks.

Mia said...

Mmmm those looked delish! I will have a fantastic sugar high all afternoon just for you and miss Katie!

Disco Mom said...

You're killing me. Now I'm going to cry.