Sunday, February 10, 2008

just for you, mag

Here's a tea-set action shot for you. Notice that the cups are turned over. Katie kept saying 'Where's Gus-Gus?' For those of you not up on your Cinderella, there's a scene where Cinderella is preparing breakfast to take up to the evil step-sisters, and Gus-Gus hides under a cup. Lucifer the cat lifts up the cups looking for him. Katie might like to dress up like a princess, but she asks me to skip over the romance/dancing part of the movie. She likes the mice the best.

Slightly out of focus, but here are the 'ruby slippers.' She was very sad last night that they wouldn't fit over her PJs, but they did look fabulous over tights today with her sunday dress.

Sort of small, but you get the idea of the sassy sandals. She stumbled the first couple of steps in them, but then took off running. We'll be shopping for Christian Louboutin's in no time. ;)

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Margaret said...

I think I broke my ankle just looking at the picture. Maybe I'm not really a woman after all.