Thursday, March 20, 2008

katie loves . . .

(make sure you have the sound up for this one)

In case the lyrics aren't quite clear to you:

I love going to Oma's house,

I love going to Opa's house,

I love my Cinderella dress . . .

All week long Katie has been singing 'I am a pink fluffy princess.' Basically, she is now living in an opera. She sings about everything she's doing. Sunday at Oma's house she was playing in some rice, measuring it back and forth, singing 'I'm making ratatouille.'

Monday we went to the rec center for a little swimming. Alex let me put him on his back, but the poor kid was stiff as a board - his arms and legs were sticking straight out from his body, but he didn't fight being on his back.

Tom's friend did a little Photoshop magic to complete the look for Alex. A few more teeth came in this past week!

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Mia said...

This is so cute! I love the running commentary on life in song. She will be stealing the show before you know it.