Thursday, March 20, 2008

rental rant #4

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An alternative title for this post could be 'Hope springs eternal;' although the chances of my tulips making it through a spring snow are probably higher than the current tenant actually getting caught up on her rent.

With spring comes another possible eviction. It's so interesting in this landlord game, trying to discern if someone is really just having a rough patch that they are honestly trying to work out, or if the scam is on. I'd still rather err on the side of the former, but it can be a costly lesson AGAIN when it's scam time.

The current tenant in default got a reprieve because when I went to court to file the papers last week, I was informed that the judge would be out of town the following week (procedural note: file for an eviction one week, the hearing date is set for the following Friday; you have to serve the defendant not less than 5 and not more than 10 business days before the hearing date). My options were to drive up to Boulder to file there for a hearing on the 21st, or wait until this week for a hearing date on the 28th. We heard some more from the OUR Center (local Salvation Army) that they would be able to help out a little, and the tenant PROMISES to pay the rest on Friday (tomorrow) when she gets paid. And she'll make up the rest (I call it back rent, she thinks of it as deposit!) by 4/3. PROMISE PROMISE PROMISE.

So, here we are playing the waiting game. I should start a pool: will she or won't she pay tomorrow? Since the OUR Center paid part of the rent, we have to start the whole process over again, which means 3-day notice, I can file next Tuesday, and a court date would be April 4. Another month gone. Sheesh! Had I known how hard it was to get rid of a tenant it could have changed my attitude about paying rent all those years!!! ;)

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Did she ever pay?