Tuesday, March 25, 2008

we're running out of candy here!

Here are a few Easter pictures for your viewing pleasure. I'll have to get the pictures of Katie and Alexander in their Easter finery from the folks, since they had a sleepover at Oma and Opa's Easter Eve, and we didn't make it up there fast enough to catch Alex before he'd switched to outfit #2.Katie understands and loves chocolate. Alex was more interested in the Easter grass. Katie's bunny lost his ears in no time. Alex had more fun with the Peeps. Now if only we can get back to the natural smile vs. the 'cheese! for the camera' smile!

I like Roger's basket carrying moves. Princess Katie doesn't even have to carry her own eggs!


Stephanie F. said...

Your kids are so cute :) Glad you had a good Easter.
Congrats on the pregnancy!

ashley said...

Sorry you missed out on the happenin's of "Easter Eve".... ! The gloves and beads... I mean, what could put a couple of girls more voer the tops, than to just ice the cake with tea gloves and pearls? By the way, I didn't pick that all out... the Easter Bunny had a hand in it!

Mia said...

We do have good taste ;) Your kids are so dang cute! I'm glad they had such a good time with all the festivities.

Betty Grace said...

Hey Kat, how did you get different color font on your book list? I like your little review. I'm going to change mine so I can be JUST LIKE YOU