Thursday, April 24, 2008

happy anniversary to me

So, people. How do YOU like to spend your anniversary? Over here at the Young house, we like to mix things up a little. Last year I would have almost be money that we'd be celebrating year 3 hanging out in the hospital with the arrival of our little friend Alex. He and the induction folks decided to wait a few more days.

This year, we decided to be extra exciting and romantic. Roger got sent to scenic Ohio for work, helping some dork manage his own account. I spent part of the morning at the Sheriff's office in Boulder filing the Writ of Restitution for our deadbeat liar pants tenant P. Good times, good fun.

For those of you just DYING to know the ending of the eviction story, here's a little update to keep you on the edge of your seats. We held off filing in March, and the rent trickled in - less $100 - by the end of the month. Ahh. And then it's the first of the month again and the game starts anew. I'm sure by now you're surprised to hear that P did NOT in fact have all the money for April. Apparently she needs to find a new congregation to milk, because her church was just not forthcoming. She could pay me $300 (of the $1300 she owes, an amount of payment that had dropped overnight from what she said she could pay). This is a kicker - if the tenant pays ANYTHING, even if it's just $1, you have to start the game all over again with a new 3-day notice. I had to turn down the partial payment and we - me and my class of future landlords, Katie and Alex - hit the courthouse to file the eviction. Happily this adds on another $88 that P. won't be paying us. To put the cherry on the cake, I got a speeding ticket on the way from the courthouse to the process server. It was of course deserved, but Alex gets some credit for distracting me with his screams of protest at not being able to take a nap in his own bed. I wonder if I can add that on to P's bill?

In an eviction, you file one week and then the hearing is set for the following Friday. Time for court arrives - apparently, I had not done enough of my 'NO MEDIATION!' mantras ahead of time. P arrived 10 minutes late, and said that she was on her way to a social security hearing to get an advance on her disability settlement. She had paperwork proving this money is due her. She could pay us the full amount that night. So we went the mediation route again, and agreed to stipulations that included the amount that she owes us, when she would pay, when the Writ would be issued if she failed to pay, and when she would be out if she failed to pay. The judge said that he would issue the Writ on April 23 provided I didn't show up right before they closed for the day.

Are you sitting down? Friday night, no word from P. No word all weekend. I tracked her down Tuesday, and she came out of her apartment asking 'Are you here to talk to me?' Surprisingly enough, P, yes I was. Well, guess what. No money. Surprise again, her church wouldn't be able to help her.

Wednesday I was back at court with my posse of helpers. The judge wasn't back from lunch yet, but the clerk offered to call me when he issued the Writ. After an hour of kicking it at the library, we headed home, with no word from the clerk. By 4 pm, I called the courthouse and asked what was going on - 15 minutes later I received word that the judge had finally acted. Let me just add here that a trip to the Boulder courthouse is required next to actually FILE the Writ with the Sheriff's department. Even lead foot Kat cannot pull off a trip to 6th and Canyon via the Longmont courthouse in 45 minutes, even if I did not have two friends to carry along with me. ARGH! But now our story is up to date. The kiddies got to go play with Oma at work, I got to go hit the courthouse on my own, which was good considering the hike I had from the parking area to the courthouse, and the multiple trips up and down the stairs to get everything taken care of.

I did talk to Roger just after filing, so I guess we were together on this anniversary after all. :)


Mia said...

Baby last year, business trip this year, I am voting for Bermuda next year to round out the anniversary "B"s... Happy Anniversary! Hopefully you and Roger will be able to celebrate this weekend. Part of me is totally enthralled with your real life soap opera tenant drama and then I remember that this crappy stuff is happening to a friend and I feel really bad that P. is screwing you guys over. Hopefully there will be some resolution soon, and even better hopefully the next tenants are good rent payers who pay on time and in full.

Disco Mom said...

You don't get paid enough. An anniversary is just a day, anyway, and I hope the occasion still gets appropriately celebrated, even if a few days late. Your rental stories never fail to infuriate me, and turn me WAY OFF of ever being a landlord.

kat said...

i know it's just a day. it would just be nice if ONE day could be different from every other.