Monday, April 7, 2008

look at me!

Katie running into the kitchen after having just figured out how to put her Cinderella dress on all by herself - in the right direction even: 'Look at me, mom. I did it! I am BEAUTIFUL!' We'll save the discussion on why she's beautiful even when NOT decked out in her princess attire for another day when it can sink in better. For now, that cute little pronouncement, along with the beaming face so proud of having done it herself, just about makes up for the screaming fests we've had every night trying to get her OUT of the princess dress and into her pajamas.

Katie of course had to wear the dress to the zoo on Saturday. Absolutely banner day for animal sightings. No hunting in vain for the random mammal. Everyone was out and about and upclose. Naturally, she got a lot of looks for her outfit. At home later Roger asked: 'Do people think WE dressed her up like that?!'

Alex was there too, of course. We went during our usual nap time, but he did perk up at the drums.


Jenifer said...

She's so cute! I'll be in the same situation in a few years!!!

Mia said...

I love that you let her wear her princess dress out! I sometimes think I make to big of a deal about what Zoey wears when I should really just be enjoying her sense of personality and individuality. Katie is a beautiful girl (even when she isn't in her princess dress)!

Betty Grace said...

Man, I really need to come visit!