Wednesday, April 30, 2008

homage to alex

We'll see how long my patience lasts trying to upload these little videos, but here are some audio and visual highlights of the man from the last week or so. My favorite is the cake eating fest.

Here are a couple of the kids giggling together. Katie can get little Xander to laugh like no one else can. I'll have to pull these out when they're teenagers, to remind them and PROVE to them that they did in fact like each other at one point in their lives! :)

My tech guy got home and showed me a program that saves the video in much smaller files. The quality should be OK, and this way you can enjoy Alex eating his cake!

Here's the clean up AFTER the cake fun.

And, finally, here is Captain Handsome showing off how tough he is. He doesn't walk on his own yet, but I guess he's seen Katie go up the slide this way enough times that he figures that's how the slide works.


Jenifuz said...

Those are cute!!! I'd love to know what the program is. I hate waiting for the videos to load!!!

Tom said...

That cake fest was absolutely hilarious! Back and forth, plate to mouth. Over and over. and over.

Mia said...

The spinning swing was cute. Did that make Alex sick/dizzy? The cake one was amazing. I can't believe how much cake he ate. He really really is a man after my own heart. I am with Jen, which program did you use I rarely do video because it takes so long to load. I remember all of my girlish dreams of marrying a prince or an astronaut. Little did I know that what I really wanted was to be married to my own tech guy ;)

kat said...

windows movie maker is my new video editting software of choice. i think rog said it was some kind of add-on with the XP package. it's very intuitive - you can drag and drop different clips and add transition effects to piece together movies. and best of all, what took 200 Mbytes to save in panasonic 'movie magic' only required 20-25 Mbytes in windows. you decide - the top two clips are one program, the bottom ones are windows.