Sunday, May 25, 2008

more school?

I can't stop thinking about this. Rog and I went to a friend's house for dinner on Saturday night. There were 4 couples total. We were almost kid-free - we brought Seven along to play with the hosts' dogs. Ahhh, but this is not what is stuck in my noodle.

While chatting, one of the gals asked if I plan on going back to school when the munchkins get a little bigger. HELLO?! Do I act like I need more schooling? I thought that in general I come off as semi-educated. Maybe I really did become a professional student without even trying to, and now it just doesn't seem natural for me to NOT be studying something or other. Formally, that is. I realize that go a bit ditsy when prego - contrary to peer reviewed articles that have found NO correlation between pregnancy and increased forgetfulness - but I just didn't think it was that apparent to the outside world. I thought it was my little secret.

All along I've thought that all my schooling was intimidating to others. This just demonstrates how little I've learned! :)

Maybe I should slap on another poll question: What degree should I go for next? I really don't think I could stomach law school, but I have toyed with a Masters in psych off and on over the years. Seems like a fairly flexible profession - choose your own hours kind of gig. And in fitting with today's culture I could market myself as a 'Life Coach' instead of a shrink. Art history always sounded interesting to me, but without any practical applications. Other ideas?

In other random ramblings, why do I think that the existence of orange juice in the refrigerator is suddenly going to make me like the taste of it again? A 30 second trip to the garage would have saved an evening of irritation as I tried to enjoy my beverage. I could have been drinking blueberry and sighing in contentment instead of being queen of laziness, periodically drinking the orange concoction and burping all night long. Silliness.


Mia said...

Your highly educated noodle has always intimidated me! :) And no matter what those peer reviewed articles say "pregnancy brain" does exist. I love that you are always learning and trying new things.

Jenifuz said...

I think you're totally smart! and yes, it's a little intimidating! I also agree with Mia, pregnancy brain does exist and sometimes I think it never goes away, just stops getting worse!

Tom said...

So many things to poke at you about in this post, Kat...I'll refrain, though (but how can you not like orange juice?).

You are a disturbingly smart person. I think you should get on that 'Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?' show. You could certainly have done better than those two yahoos they had on today. Especially that guy who didn't know the infinitive of "went" (to go, of course). And I'll only take 5% for suggesting that you do it o_o

Mo said...

You FINISHED your Phd. In SCIENCE. Need I say more? I prostrate myself at your ridiculously intelligent feet. If I ever manage to join the ranks of completors of said PhD, I will still bow down before you oh ye of prodigious brain. After all, we historians only stole the designation of Social Science to try to make ourselves sound like we do something vaguely related to that which fills your mind. We all have science envy, though may prove reluctant to admit it! Embrace your intelligence my friend!

Betty Grace said...

I think it means you're not a pretentious PhD. Which, as you know, is one of my favorite qualities about you.

Disco Mom said...

That's your problem and why you don't come off as the disgusting brainiac you are - you can and do talk to normal people in a normal way. So without knowing your background, regular women will think you're like them, which is probably something you work at and value.

Also, asking if you're thinking of going back to school is not even an indication that you don't come off educated. It shows that you seem like the kind of person who values education and has some and would want even more, which is also all true. She's probably not asking ditzes the same question because she doesn't think 1) they could get in anywhere; 2) they would want to; 3) they're going BACK to school - they would have to be just going to school.

My recommendations for next course of study:
- yes, psychology
- education (you know you're thinking about it)
- fine arts - you love it so much, so get credit for your creativity

kat said...

ahh, yes. how could i not put education on the list? probably because i fear the silliness of 'everyone deserves an A/new 'fuzzy' math prejudice that sometimes comes out of me. but since i can play the game as well as anyone, that shouldn't really be a concern.

i have thought about fine arts, too, but wonder if studying it as an actual course of study would take some of the fun out of it. oh, who am i kidding? i just wouldn't get into the jury part of it. who wouldn't want to get credit for creating something fun? and to be able to say: sorry, not now, guys, mommy HAS to finish this stained glass project for class. somehow that wouldn't seem as selfish. . . .