Friday, December 12, 2008


Because I have the naive hope that I will eventually actually win a giveaway on the net, here's a link over to Design Mom. She's doing 12 giveaways for Christmas. Really cool stuff. Go take a peek - and if you win and don't want it, you can always re-gift to me!

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Reina Gamett said...

Hi Kat...guess what! I clicked the design mom link...saw the page, the name and the photo of the design mom, and realized that she was my long lost friend! If I win anything, I will definetely re-gift it to you! Her father-in-law served a mission LONG time ago in Finland, and he was later a mission president in Estonia, and my brother Esko served under him. Gabby and I went through the design program at BYU together (during which she married her husband)...small world :)

By the way...I really enjoy reading your makes me wish that I would live close to you, and I could do all kinds of fun projects with you!