Saturday, December 13, 2008

reese cousin weekend

Last weekend our Reese cousins came to visit. We drove down to Egypt to Denver's Mecca of fine Mexican dining, Casa Bonita, in a snow storm no less. Katie was pretty enamoured with the cliff divers. Notice Alex's cheeks stuffed with sopapillas. It was nice to see that some things don't ever change - I'm pretty certain all the games in the arcade are the originals, from Ms. Pacman to the skeeball machines. Katie ended up sleeping up at Oma's house with Kat and Griffin all weekend - I'm surprised she made the transition back to her own home. Oma pulled the mattresses into the family room so they could all sleep together.

Oma was out of control on the projects and fun. Friday the kids made gingerbread houses - thankfully Alex was asleep for the candy and frosting fest, or he might have become cemented to some gum drops. My favorite quote from mom was 'How did I ever do all this?' This was after having all 4 kids for a sleepover - not anywhere close to 7! Alex slept in his own bed the rest of the weekend.

Saturday Oma took all the bigger kids to see Madagascar 2 and we met them at the Pearl Street Mall. We did not end up staying for the Parade of Lights, but we did get to see a peek of the Fairview Marching Knights setting up. Sorry Dave, your kids did not seem that impressed to see your old marching band. Opa's concert got skipped because everybody was too tired.

Sunday I arrived up in Boulder to see a paint studio had taken over the kitchen. Oma had cut out a nativity set for Kat, Katie and Griffin to paint, and found a number of other fun Christmas shapes to paint.

Griffin was a great sport and let Katie boss him around all weekend.

Monday Oma brought the bunch up to our house, where we were just going to hang out. Crazy Kat snuck into the kitchen to make nougat for some candy, and put Oma and CA Kat to work wrapping chews. No pictures of that adventure, but many of you will get to taste our efforts.

Kat and Katie had numerous tea parties and played games. Katie thoroughly enjoyed having two folks at her beck and call for an entire weekend. Hopefully they both survived as well and will want to come and visit us again!

Here is Oma at the end of all the festitivities. Everybody was a little worn out from all the fun, but I know she'd do it again in a heartbeat.

One more reason for you all to come back to Colorado!

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The Stradling Family said...

Sounds fun! I'm so glad that Casa Bonita is still there. I thought I was in love with one of the cliff divers when I was 12. It never worked out though...