Thursday, December 4, 2008


Here's one of the main things I love about Colorado: A few days ago we took a walk around some nearby lakes.

This morning we woke up to SNOW! FINALLY!! Alex was loving it. I guess it's time for mom to go find some snow suits. Jeans are just not going to cut it!


Betty Grace said...

Wow. We have yet to see any significant white stuff around here. I miss CO.

Tom said...

And you would think that Moscow would be frozen and snow-covered by now. You would be wrong. This morning it's +6C and raining. We had a bit of snow just before Thanksgiving, but upper 30s and lower 40s since.

Mark said...

We got a dusting of snow today here at Liz's. We'll see how long it will last. The last few days it's been cold at night and sprinkling durring the day. It is funny to see Marly just sit in the snow and be happy.