Sunday, September 27, 2009

random happy late birthday to rog

For Roger's birthday this year - back in June - we went on a hike towards Longmont Reservoir. Not the reservoir where we often hang out, but the actual reservoir for Longmont. We brought along a picnic supper and set out. On this particular occasion we were thwarted from reaching the end by some rain and a late start, but the kids enjoyed freaking Oma out by walking too close to the water on the little stretch of beach where we ate.

I like Roger and Max's matching haircuts - well, I should say hair STYLES, since Max is nicely on track for receiving his first hair cut at the age of 2 like his older brother.

After we read 'Bread and Jam for Francis' for the first time Katie switched to that diet. She did not quite grasp the point of the book, but at least she was eating something!

Max continues to sleep doing the splits. I just love what a little flexible guy he is.

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